“Get Away”

I feel like I’m surrounded by a bunch of looney tunes,
With their faces squint up as if they’d eaten bitter prunes,
Then madness surrounds me it seems each and everyday,
And no one is feeling happy unless they’re having their own way.

Must it be so hard to come together to get it all done?
For the pressure from all this mess inside bears the weight of several tons,
And my shoulders are weakening so I can’t carry much more,
Because your venom is so poisonous, it breaks down to the core.

Negativity is so thick in the people that come around me,
Transferring quickly from body to body making it difficult to see,
Until it jumps off them upon you to take your breath away,
As you fight to break free in silence because invisibility stands in the way.

I’ve got to get away from the chaos that’s quite difficult to escape,
And I’ve got to leave this web of destruction for good ole sanity’s sake,
For the world in which we live today, no words can fully describe,
Yet we must journey along each God giving day, doing our best to live and survive!

ⓒ 2015

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