“Anxiety, Fear and Insomnia”

After falling asleep for only 2 hours I was awakened abruptly,
I jumped out of bed realizing I was sweating and clammy,
I tried not to think to much of it and proceeded to plug in my fan,
When I noticed my heart rate was rapid and my breathing was becoming shallow,
Is this anxiety again or some deeper issue I have to face?
As I’ve learned anxiety can impersonate and mimic several different conditions,
So I attempt to relax because I don’t want to panic or over analyze this situation,
Because the thought of something major happening merely intensifies the ordeal,
Bargaining and pleading is ALWAYS the next course of action,
Then confession and repentance is the next thing that follows,
I’m not a perfect individual, I make my share of mistakes,
YET, I am the child of the Most High GOD who looks beyond my faults,
He loves me unconditionally without wavering or stipulation,
He truly loves us more than we could ever love ourselves.
I woke up abruptly rattled quite a bit and confused,
Now daylight has thrust through my window pane bringing greetings of a new day,
And while grateful to see this day, I must rest as if it’s still night,
Because without proper resting it would be difficult to stand up to face these battles of life,
My heart rate has calmed and the storm has ceased,
So now I’ll lie myself down and rest in tranquil and perfect peace,
In the arms of my Heavenly Father that is always with me,
That desires to comfort me, care for me and cover me under the shadow of HIS mighty wings.
Good morning to some of you and Goodnight to others.
I’m about to embark upon some of the best sleep ever!

ⓒ 2015

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