“I Don’t Know About Tomorrow”

I am so disappointed and so very ashamed,
And at myself is rightfully administered the blame,
I continue to do those things I should not do,
And at this rate I will surely continue to lose,
The battles I face each and every day in life,
And no matter what, Wrong will never-ever be Right!
So I need to stop with all of this mess and truly leave it behind,
Because GOD has given me more than enough warnings or signs,
“I have called you Woman of GOD, according to my purpose and plan,”
Are the words I must remember as if written upon my hands,
It’s time to shape up right now because tomorrow is not promised,
It’s time to turn away from the desires of this world that leads to bondage,
Repent children of GOD, for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand,
And turn from your wicked ways and receive HIM while you still can!
Get ready children of God for we’re going to be leaving Babylon soon,
Where Gentile and Jew alike will be rejoicing and singing the same tunes,
Around the throne of the Father in whom we will see face to face,
Therefore confess Jesus now I beseech thee, for tomorrow just may be too late.


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