I came to an overnight Women’s Retreat and stayed at this hotel/conference center. This is the second year AGAPE has held their religious conference at this new location, however they obviously don’t know what is done in the dark or when eyes are closed.

Nevertheless, the conference was Friday morning to Saturday evening, but I became ill and had to extend my hotel stay another night. With that said, it is amazing how the staff is trained to basically kiss butt and suck up to you during the time you are registered for the conference, but outside of that stay, their true colors shine through.

From the moment the conference ended and the women in attendance left to go home, it has been the “STAY IN HELL!” I came up to lie down due to a migraine headache and everything from requesting for a trash can for the room (twice), to someone’s car alarm continually going off in the parking lot, to the train passing through shaking the hotel every 10 minutes (Where were these trains yesterday ), the Real Staff (the others were robots) being hung up on while trying to order room service, and to the rowdy teenagers (school trip) slamming doors and bumping against the wall next door I’ve had to endure misery. So much misery where I began to ask, “Lord am I being punished?”

Anyone that endure migraine headaches know that you seek a quiet place without lighting to rest and try to soothe the pain until it goes away. Anyone that endures these migraines also know that your patience is limited and the desire to “SET IT OFF” is intensified.

I am pleased to say the teenagers next door and the rude staff members have not experienced the fury of my wrath, Thank GOD for Jesus. However, I’ve been deceived and I will never stay overnight in this place ever again. Fort McGruder Conference Center and Hotel should really be called Hotel Hell!

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