We Must Lose To Win

Every now and then, and then and again,

We must face the unkind but obvious reality,

That sometimes we have to lose in order to win.

It isn’t a pretty thought, in fact it is a tough pill to swallow,

Therefore, inside one’s being it has began to wallow,

In self pity as the song plays, “Woe It’s Me!”

As the mind agrees, “Oh Yes It’s Me!”

And the heart pleads, “Please Set Me Free!”

But the body says, “Just Let Me Be!”

Oh yes, sometimes we must lose to win,

You have to let go of some things to get to the end,

Of the me, myself and I and the “I’m doing this my way,”

To ultimately find out the way that has already been paved.

Paved before we were even created by our Heavenly Father.


For many hours until about 30 minutes ago I was feeling a little down. And that’s ok because I’m human and I fight battles too.  But in the very midst of my (self) drawn out moment I hear “ASPIRE STACY!” How many of you know that we can bite that bait and lay down on things instead of giving the enemy walking papers?? So I asked aspire to what??
Aspire to rise above your limitations,
Aspire to move beyond adversity,
Aspire to jump over life’s hurdles,
Aspire to climb above and over your mountains,
Aspire to look past the naysayers, downers, pretenders and purpose killers,
Aspire to be all that God has created you to be,
Hold your head up that you may clearly see what HE has shaped you to be.
Get up!!! Look up!!! Suit up!!! And keep moving…


Who is it that can give me direction and inspiration?
Who is it that will give me strength and motivation?
Who is it that can give me Agape love and affection?
And Who can I depend on for around the clock protection?
Who can I literally talk to all day long?
And Who can I depend on when everyone else is gone?
Who will never leave me and have never forsaken me?
And Who has broken these chains of bondage to set me free?
Who, I say WHO can I walk with whether it be day or night?
And Who can I depend on when I  need to stand and fight?
Who can I look to when feeling lost and lowly,
And Who can I approach behind the veil in awe and boldly?
Who will stick closer to me than any other?
And Who will give me the words to speak when my tongue wants to stutter?
Who, I say WHO can I trust always and forever?
That WHO would be my Heavenly Father, and truly there is no one better!

“Enough Is Enough”

I walk into the office and check in at the desk,
Thinking, “this visit the doctor will find the remedy to cure my stress,”
The stress of wondering what’s really going on inside my body,
Yet hundreds of dollars later there’s  still no relief for this body,
So I walk into the examining room expecting to receive good care,
From this doctor I use to trust who now never takes his chair,
In fact my examining is conducted from my chair, never upon the examining table,
Which makes me feel unimportant and as if I’ve been stamped with a label,
So you take my money but don’t even give me fifteen minutes of your time,
Hell fifteen minutes is actually way beyond being patient and kind,
Because I’m not a statistic or a number written on a strip of paper,
And I’d be best to find another doctor very soon rather than later,
Because to prescribe medicine without testing is careless and ludicrous,
Therefore it’s time to leave while I’m still alive, really enough is enough,
It’s so sad because the journey as your patient started out so well,
But greed has entered your heart, you’ve sold yourself to the one in Hell,
But I on the otherhand belong to my FATHER, the Ultimate Healer,
And any wounds we have HE is without doubt the Perfect Sealer,
Scripture tells us the woman with the issue of blood spent all she had,
And she walked away time after time un-cured, defeated, and sad,
But then one day she “heard” that JESUS was passing by,
And she made up in her mind that she would give DR. JESUS a try,
She stepped out into the crowd in which she did not belong,
And she pressed her way thrusting forward knowing she was clearly in the wrong,
Yet she took the chance, “If only I could touch HIS garment,” she said,
He could make me whole bringing back to life this body that’s nearly dead,
She stretched and touched Jesus, and was instantly made whole,
Yes she turned to her SOURCE, and new life began to unfold,
Can’t nobody do for us like the way our FATHER can,
Oh, I’m sorry HEAVENLY FATHER that I’ve put so much trust in man!

ⓒ 2015