“Get Yourself Together”

​You cannot possibly run forever,

So you may as well get yourself together,

Inspite of the storm and the outpouring of rain,

As well as the heartache and the gut wrenching pain,

You best well get yourself together,

I mean, eventually things will get better.



For many hours until about 30 minutes ago I was feeling a little down. And that’s ok because I’m human and I fight battles too.  But in the very midst of my (self) drawn out moment I hear “ASPIRE STACY!” How many of you know that we can bite that bait and lay down on things instead of giving the enemy walking papers?? So I asked aspire to what??
Aspire to rise above your limitations,
Aspire to move beyond adversity,
Aspire to jump over life’s hurdles,
Aspire to climb above and over your mountains,
Aspire to look past the naysayers, downers, pretenders and purpose killers,
Aspire to be all that God has created you to be,
Hold your head up that you may clearly see what HE has shaped you to be.
Get up!!! Look up!!! Suit up!!! And keep moving…

“Party of One”

We come into this world as one,
We shall leave this world also as one,
Before the throne of God we will stand as one,
And judgement will be received one by one.
You are without a doubt a party of one,
Haven’t you heard that from someone, anyone?
You are a party of one, not two or three,
So let this truth break chains and set you free!


Who is it that can give me direction and inspiration?
Who is it that will give me strength and motivation?
Who is it that can give me Agape love and affection?
And Who can I depend on for around the clock protection?
Who can I literally talk to all day long?
And Who can I depend on when everyone else is gone?
Who will never leave me and have never forsaken me?
And Who has broken these chains of bondage to set me free?
Who, I say WHO can I walk with whether it be day or night?
And Who can I depend on when I  need to stand and fight?
Who can I look to when feeling lost and lowly,
And Who can I approach behind the veil in awe and boldly?
Who will stick closer to me than any other?
And Who will give me the words to speak when my tongue wants to stutter?
Who, I say WHO can I trust always and forever?
That WHO would be my Heavenly Father, and truly there is no one better!

“Mr. Insomnia”

I’m so tired but insomnia has taken hold to me,
Yet I’m swinging like Mike Tyson trying hard to break free,
From being pressed against the ropes in the middle of the night,
Yet I’ve got to get some sleep or else I won’t survive this fight,
My eyes are heavily weighted as sleep calls out my name,
Go away Mr. Insomnia, I’m not in the mood for these games,
Sleep is what I want and desperately need to achieve,
So I pray now to rest in perfect peace, and have faith to believe,
That my HEAVENLY FATHER wants the very very best for me,
And rest is what’s best therefore Mr. Insomnia you must to leave!
Because sleep is seeking me out, in fact calling me by name,
And I have to rise early for work tomorrow and can’t afford to feel drained,
So goodbye Mr. INSOMNIA, I’m not happy that you came,
But, I’m about to pass out into a deep sleep to the point I don’t remember playing this game!

“To Believe”

I can’t stop the sounds of chitter-chatter in my ears,
Nor can force these thoughts to stop thinking, to cease and disappear,
Late in the midnight hour I want to sleep yet wide awake,
I have to get some sleep I have to get up in the morning I can’t be late,
Oh but the thoughts you think sometimes when you’re hurting and in pain,
But I’m not going to listen to the thoughts in my head I bind them now in Jesus name….
I have to believe that although it’s late in the midnight hour God’s gonna turn it around,
I have to believe that it’s all going to work in my favor and God’s going to lift me off the ground,
So I won’t give up and I shall not give in,
Knowing that this is just another battle that I’m destined to win,
Oh Lord help me to lie myself down in perfect peace,
And help me to close my eyes right now and get some much needed sleep !


I saw FOLGERS in the store tonight and immediately I wept,
And the more I tried to resist it the pain shot viciously through my chest,
I suddenly recalled the smell of your coffee early in the morning,
A smell that no longer greets me the way it use to each morning,
Though I never liked coffee, the scent was very pleasant to smell,
And the very thought of you not having a few cups was like anticipating a cold day in Hell,
Baby I perked my ears today to see if I remembered the sound of your voice,
I even looked down at my hands to see if I could still feel your touch,
Honey I gazed out beyond myself to see if I could possibly grasp a hug,
I even looked back into my memory bank just to see your smiling face,
For tomorrow is just a reminder of a love that’s gone away,
For tomorrow is just a reminder of the day you went away,
For tomorrow is just another memory of the heartache and pain,
For tomorrow is just another reminder that things will never be the same,
You’re gone sweetheart and that’s one thing I’ll never forget,
I just have to continue to find my way in God in order to move forward and progress,
Yet I’ll never forget the pleasant aroma that awakened me every morning,
And I’ll never forget the love we shared and how life was never boring!

Rest in Peace My Love 💙