Thinking Thoughts

Emotions flowing profusely,
Pouring out and flooding my brain,
Tears dropping plankity plank,
Down my face like the splattering rain,
Thoughts are trying to be thought,
While questions needing answers are sought,
In my moment of deep agonizing despair,
Into the far distance I gaze out and stare,
Thinking thoughts that are merely blank,
Painting pictures with no need of paint,
Spaced out and far gone into the depth of somewhere,
Moving here and about but not even going anywhere,
Thoughts rushing to form words a mile a minute,
Running its designated course trying to reach an ultimate finish.

(C) 2016

“The One”

Weight on my shoulders and pain in my head
Are the things I’m experiencing while lying in bed
Many times you don’t know the extent of stress
Until you’re lying still and your body seeks to rest
For our bodies weren’t designed to carry the weight of the world
But in attempting to do so the mind will twist and twirl
Because the pressure is too great for mankind to handle alone
And the depth is too deep to try to go it alone
Yet we can give it to the ONE that has bore it all before
The ONE who awaits us behind every open door
The ONE in whom to give away our sorrow and pain,
And the ONE who will take away our guilt and shame
Without HIM I can do nothing
And without HIM I am nothing
But I can do all things through Jesus Christ
The ONE who has saved me by giving HIS life!!!