“It’s Not What It Seems”

Just when you think life could be grand,
And when you start to believe that something really can,
Be all you’ve hoped and dreamed it would be,
Reality opens your eyes yet again to see,
That what you thought could be, would not be,
And that I must say is so upsetting to me!


I saw FOLGERS in the store tonight and immediately I wept,
And the more I tried to resist it the pain shot viciously through my chest,
I suddenly recalled the smell of your coffee early in the morning,
A smell that no longer greets me the way it use to each morning,
Though I never liked coffee, the scent was very pleasant to smell,
And the very thought of you not having a few cups was like anticipating a cold day in Hell,
Baby I perked my ears today to see if I remembered the sound of your voice,
I even looked down at my hands to see if I could still feel your touch,
Honey I gazed out beyond myself to see if I could possibly grasp a hug,
I even looked back into my memory bank just to see your smiling face,
For tomorrow is just a reminder of a love that’s gone away,
For tomorrow is just a reminder of the day you went away,
For tomorrow is just another memory of the heartache and pain,
For tomorrow is just another reminder that things will never be the same,
You’re gone sweetheart and that’s one thing I’ll never forget,
I just have to continue to find my way in God in order to move forward and progress,
Yet I’ll never forget the pleasant aroma that awakened me every morning,
And I’ll never forget the love we shared and how life was never boring!

Rest in Peace My Love 💙