“Not Tonight”

Everyday she was awakened to the smell of breakfast cooking,
And greeted with a smile and the words “Good Morning good looking!”
What a way to wake up feeling on top of the world,
Just to lose it all within seconds as life spins and twirls,
For tomorrow is not promised so it’s best to live today,
And make peace with others, do good and pray,
Tell the ones you care about just how much you love them,
So that if tomorrow doesn’t come there won’t be no guilt,
For she longs for the scent of him  she can no longer smell,
Yes, she longs to hear the words he would always yell,
From the front of the house as he heard her footsteps,
Walking to meet him as he awaited at the doorstep,
Yet the sound is faint, it can no longer be heard,
For that voice is no more and the body is buried,
And she cries herself to sleep each and every night,
Knowing he won’t be able to join her once again tonight.
ⓒ 2015

“Going The Distance”

There she lay brittle and so hungry inside,
Hungry for the love she needs, yet can never seem to find,
Through valley’s high and through valley’s low,
Over hurdles here and hurdles there she will go,
Going the distance tired, broken down and damn near defeated,
Searching to find that tangible thing to stop her heart from bleeding,
Yet it seems so very far and beyond her reach,
That she’s near ready to throw in the towel… Give up… and Retreat,
Just to embrace love… That is what she so desperately need,
Love is the power that would break the chains and set her free,
Yet… Through Valley’s high and through Valley’s low,
And over Hurdles here and Hurdles there she will go,
Going the distance to find that missing puzzle piece,
Searching for that special “peace” to make her life complete.


“More Than Just One Day”

A ten piece nugget, french fries and a large vanilla shake,
Was my so called Valentine’s Day gift to myself,
Why McDonald’s of all places, someone may say?
Well, I wouldn’t do anything different today than any other day.
Love is not something to be shared on any particular day,
But when you love someone you desire to show them each and everyday.
You cherish each moment allotted to spend with one another,
And just when you see the one you love your heart begins to flutter.
You don’t need a holiday to dictate when to show someone love,
Just continue to make it known the other 364 days, that they’ll never doubt they’re loved!

ⓒ 2015

“No Greater Love”

Right is not Wrong and Wrong can never be right,
No matter how much you pretend and try to dress it up,
And darkness can never overcome the POWER of Light,
Unless the inside of a person has willfully become corrupt.

True love will never-ever falter or fail,
Because it’ll go the distance and through obstacles prevail,
Love comes with challenges, the seen and unforseen,
But real love is patient and kind, and never vicious or mean.

Death is real my friends, no one can escape this fate,
Yet it has no sting for those who will accept and meet HIM in grace,
There is no greater love than what our Father has given through Jesus Christ,

And because HE first loved me I desire to serve HIM all my life!

Free Will HE had, and chose willingly to bear our cross,
To reclaim each earthly human being that was bound with sin and lost,
It was Jesus who paid our debt, we were purchased at a price,
A price we could never repay so as restitution HE gave HIS life.

Thank you my Father and God for paying the debt I owed,
And from the fruit of my lips forever and ever, praise and worship shall flow!

ⓒ 2015

“Story Untold” ⓒ 2015

For some reason I dialed your number the other night,
And it flowed freely without struggle, hesitation or fight,
I haven’t dialed your number accidentally in quite some time,
Which makes me wonder what’s roaming inside my unconscious mind,
I truly miss you and miss the talks we shared,
I miss the words you often said that spoke of how you cared,
I miss the warmth of your big hugs I’d snuggle in whenever,
Without distance or limitation you’d let me stay there forever,
But no other human arms to behold me yet, has….
Even comes close to your embrace that once secured me in your grasp,
So many pieces to this puzzle of life I’ve yet to find,
And where I’ve searched has caused pain; so vicious and unkind,
So where do I go now and what must I do?
To stop lurking, longing after and looking for you?
You’re not just around the corner, for I’ve checked hundreds of times,
No, you’re way beyond the distance of my strained and teary eyes,
To have, To have, To have and to hold,
Is the words in our story left abandoned and untold!


I saw FOLGERS in the store tonight and immediately I wept,
And the more I tried to resist it the pain shot viciously through my chest,
I suddenly recalled the smell of your coffee early in the morning,
A smell that no longer greets me the way it use to each morning,
Though I never liked coffee, the scent was very pleasant to smell,
And the very thought of you not having a few cups was like anticipating a cold day in Hell,
Baby I perked my ears today to see if I remembered the sound of your voice,
I even looked down at my hands to see if I could still feel your touch,
Honey I gazed out beyond myself to see if I could possibly grasp a hug,
I even looked back into my memory bank just to see your smiling face,
For tomorrow is just a reminder of a love that’s gone away,
For tomorrow is just a reminder of the day you went away,
For tomorrow is just another memory of the heartache and pain,
For tomorrow is just another reminder that things will never be the same,
You’re gone sweetheart and that’s one thing I’ll never forget,
I just have to continue to find my way in God in order to move forward and progress,
Yet I’ll never forget the pleasant aroma that awakened me every morning,
And I’ll never forget the love we shared and how life was never boring!

Rest in Peace My Love 💙