“Won’t Be Moved”

I’ve entered into a pretty bad head place right now,
Trying to fight my way out the best I know how,
Trying not to waver to my left nor right,
Giving my all using every ounce of might,
My body is tired and in need of relief,
Yet I will not be moved, nor face defeat,
I’m tired of the storm clouds hovering over my head,
Yet anxious to reach the sunlight that shines just ahead,
Life is just beginning,” I often tell myself,
Don’t quit now beloved,” I say to encourage myself,
Press towards the mark, hold fast and stay the course,
And plug into the Holy One, the Ultimate Power Source,
I will not be moved, not tonight, not ever,
Flee Hasatan, you can’t have me now…not ever!!

© 2015

“Enough Is Enough”

I walk into the office and check in at the desk,
Thinking, “this visit the doctor will find the remedy to cure my stress,”
The stress of wondering what’s really going on inside my body,
Yet hundreds of dollars later there’s  still no relief for this body,
So I walk into the examining room expecting to receive good care,
From this doctor I use to trust who now never takes his chair,
In fact my examining is conducted from my chair, never upon the examining table,
Which makes me feel unimportant and as if I’ve been stamped with a label,
So you take my money but don’t even give me fifteen minutes of your time,
Hell fifteen minutes is actually way beyond being patient and kind,
Because I’m not a statistic or a number written on a strip of paper,
And I’d be best to find another doctor very soon rather than later,
Because to prescribe medicine without testing is careless and ludicrous,
Therefore it’s time to leave while I’m still alive, really enough is enough,
It’s so sad because the journey as your patient started out so well,
But greed has entered your heart, you’ve sold yourself to the one in Hell,
But I on the otherhand belong to my FATHER, the Ultimate Healer,
And any wounds we have HE is without doubt the Perfect Sealer,
Scripture tells us the woman with the issue of blood spent all she had,
And she walked away time after time un-cured, defeated, and sad,
But then one day she “heard” that JESUS was passing by,
And she made up in her mind that she would give DR. JESUS a try,
She stepped out into the crowd in which she did not belong,
And she pressed her way thrusting forward knowing she was clearly in the wrong,
Yet she took the chance, “If only I could touch HIS garment,” she said,
He could make me whole bringing back to life this body that’s nearly dead,
She stretched and touched Jesus, and was instantly made whole,
Yes she turned to her SOURCE, and new life began to unfold,
Can’t nobody do for us like the way our FATHER can,
Oh, I’m sorry HEAVENLY FATHER that I’ve put so much trust in man!

ⓒ 2015

“Who Am I?”

When I look in the mirror whose reflection do I see?

And do I even like the person looking back at me? 

At times I see a girl trapped inside a woman’s body,

Trying to figure how to grow into her God given body,

This girl is sweet, fragile, and so precious,

Born as a gift from God at a depth beyond measure.

Not for sale says the Lord, she was bought with a price, 

A price paid by Jesus Christ who has  saved my life,

For one day HE was crucified on Calvary’s cross,

To bring salvation to mankind who was sinful and lost,

The Bible tells us God created man in His own image,

An image that will forever be and can never be diminished,

So who am I that YOU LORD are mindful of me?

And who am I that my FATHER loves me? 

Who am I Lord that YOU hear me when I call?

And who am I that YOU pick me up when I fall?

It’s time for the girl to go now into her adult body,

And be the best for the Lord until transitioning into my Heavenly body,

A body in Heaven destined to never perish,

A body to look forward to, that’ll be forever cherished!

So when I look in the mirror it’s not my reflection I see,

But the reflection of Jesus who lives within me,

For we are made in HIS image, Yes we look like the Holy One,

All different people of different races all wrapped up in One.

Therefore to not like myself would be to not like my Creator,

The ONE who created for us a personalized incubator,

To protect and keep us why we grow and excel,

To assist us in life and keep us comfortable and well,

He gives us grace that helps us to grow up and be strong,

Assuring us that the trials we face won’t affect us for very long, 

So be encouraged and hold on just a little while longer,

For the suffering and pain won’t last much longer,

Jesus is going to return one day at the blink of an eye,

Yes, HE’S coming down upon a cloud from out of the depth of the sky,

So again I ask, who am I that HE is mindful of me?

And who am I that my Father God loves me?

Well, who I am is not the real nor major question, 

But WHO HE IS is the answer to all of my questions!



“Thanksgiving and Praise”

Although my heart is heavy and filled with pain,

And although my emotions are toiling in the midst of the rain,

I’m still going to uplift Jesus with Thanksgiving and Praise! 

Although the storms of life are continuously raging,

And the trials and tribulations are warring and waging,

I’m still going to uplift Jesus with Thanksgiving and Praise!

And with my eyes overflowed with tears,

As my insides wrestle with doubt and fear,

I’m still going to uplift Jesus with Thanksgiving and Praise! 

Because when the chips are down and stuff hit the ceiling,

And no one around even cares about how I’m feeling,

You my Lord are always at my side,

And it is in you in which I cry out and confide,

For who are likened unto you Lord so strong and mighty?

And who can even stand against your unchanging deity? 

The answer is nobody,

I mean no no no no no nobody! 

Thanksgiving and Praise shall lead the way,

From all the contrary things that brings darkness to our days,

Therefore I Thank you Father and give you the ultimate Praise,

In fact I can’t think of any other things  I’d rather do each and every day!