“It Wasn’t Yours To Have”

To quick to trust in someone,
To quick to want to see the best in everyone,
To eager to be welcoming and kind,
To eager to lay it all out on the line,
To impatient to see the warning signs,
To naive to realize what was lurking in your eyes,
And so, you stole the virtue from within the mere depth of me,
And you knocked the wind outside which was inside of me,
You took from me that which was not yours to have,
It really happened so abrupt, so quick and oh so fast,
Even days later I feel sick and dirty, misused and abused,
I feel ashamed and embarrassed, and oh so confused,
Yet I blame myself, it is on me to bear,
Because I opened the door to this and ignored the warnings there,
Oh If I could turn back the hands of time,
I would not make the mistake of bypassing the warning signs!


I have to write right now in order to keep from screaming,
But it’s hot on the inside, I’m really steaming,
For you don’t care about any of the things that you say,
In fact you think that the way you treat others is okay,
Honor your mother and father it says in the good book,
Also father’s don’t provoke your children to wrath is written in that same book,
Yet I honor my father and he treats me like crap,
Heavy loads of your crap all crashing down on my lap,
And your moods shift in more directions than the wind,
Hell in fact so much so I’ve never drank but want gin,
And sad but true a daughter has a tendency to marry a man likened to her father,
Because my husband was just as big an ass as you, why did I even bother?
News flash daddy it’s not okay, and it certainly isn’t right,
And you’re going to have to do better if you want to have me in your life,
Enough is enough, I won’t brush it aside anymore,
You get it together and fast or I’m going out the door,
All my life it seems I’ve been beaten, downtrodden, and abused,
But it ends today because I won’t take it any longer, in fact I refuse!