“Not Tonight”

Everyday she was awakened to the smell of breakfast cooking,
And greeted with a smile and the words “Good Morning good looking!”
What a way to wake up feeling on top of the world,
Just to lose it all within seconds as life spins and twirls,
For tomorrow is not promised so it’s best to live today,
And make peace with others, do good and pray,
Tell the ones you care about just how much you love them,
So that if tomorrow doesn’t come there won’t be no guilt,
For she longs for the scent of him  she can no longer smell,
Yes, she longs to hear the words he would always yell,
From the front of the house as he heard her footsteps,
Walking to meet him as he awaited at the doorstep,
Yet the sound is faint, it can no longer be heard,
For that voice is no more and the body is buried,
And she cries herself to sleep each and every night,
Knowing he won’t be able to join her once again tonight.
ⓒ 2015

“Have You Ever”

Have you ever… Have you ever… Have you everrrrrrr?
Said yes to something that you really should have said no?
Have you ever held longer to the things you knew needed to be let go?
Have you ever made a decision quickly without counting the cost?
Have you ever had to pick up the pieces of life after enduring a loss?
Have you ever wanted to help someone out to discover you didn’t have the means?
Have you ever awakened from a dream to only drift back into that same dream?
Have you ever desperately wanted something in life to discover it was out of reach?
Have you ever trusted another with personal info to later find there was a breach?
Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you loved with all of your heart?
Have you ever had to mend back together a relationship that was on the edge of falling apart?
Have you ever loved someone so much that it made you cry?
Have you ever fell down in dismay after a once in a lifetime opportunity passed you by?
Have you ever… Have you ever… Have you Everrrrrrr?