“Look Up!”

The enemy wants to kill me,
He wants nothing more than to sift us like wheat,
He wants to bring forth doubt, chaos and confusion,
Oh yes, he wants to take our minds off of Jesus,
Because when our minds wander off, the enemy can play,
And as we begin thinking of our circumstances he begins to have his way,
Yet we have to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
Because only HE can put back together the scattered pieces,
Are you broken, downtrodden and on the verge of giving up?
Just stop where you are and in the midst of it all, LOOK UP!
LOOK UP to the Holy One that provides strength in weakness,
LOOK UP to the Holy One that gives peace when you feel no peace,
LOOK UP to the Holy One who is the Author and Finisher of our faith,
LOOK UP to the Only ONE that can stand adversity and the evil one directly in the face,
LOOK UP to the Holy ONE who loves you unconditionally,
LOOK UP to the Holy ONE that is ALL YOU NEED.
Call on HIS name, submit to God and the devil must flee,
Come before the Holy One with Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Praise,
Bless His Holy Name because HE is more than worthy!
Glory Hallelujah Father, I thank you for saving me.
Through valleys high and valleys low,
Through the scorching in the fiery furnace, I’m coming out like pure gold,
At the name of Jesus, not even demons can stay,
Call on him throughout your day and watch them run away,
For what the enemy meant for bad, God will turn to good,
Just hold tight, trust him, and watch him bring you through!
I’m in a battle with the Mighty One in the forefront,
And the battle is already won, I rejoice because God never steps off post,
He is the One Who is, Who Was and Is to come,
Give the highest glory today and everyday to the Most Holy One!
ⓒ 2015

“Don’t Want To Let Go”

She knows in her heart it’s time to let go,
Yet when she steps to the edge she won’t break ahold,
Just like a baby bird she’s afraid to leave the nest,
Afraid of what’s above and beyond the comfort of that nest,
Afraid to say goodbye because goodbye sounds like forever,
Afraid to break the unity they have built so strongly together,
Through obstacles, uphill battles and pain, they’ve conquered much,
In times of despair and weariness, it was your hand in which she clutched,
So how does she let go in order to face the path ahead?
How does she enter into the territory in which she dared not tread?
Yet she knows down in the depth of her being, she has to let go,
Because time won’t allot her to stay at the edge of the nest anymore!

“Nights Like This”

Nights like this I wish raindrops would fall,
For I’d be sleeping peacefully at the downpouring of the rainfall,
Insomnia would have to quickly vacate the premises,
And anxiety would quickly flee,  dissipate and diminish,
Yet the last few nights have been a blissful delight,
But for some reason things have shifted in the opposite direction tonight,
Maybe my body knows my time off is nearing an end,
You know and maybe my mind feels the sudden need to pretend,
That life starting again on Monday morning isn’t really real,
That maybe I can escape the day just at the turning of a wheel,
To turn right means go, yet to turn left means stay,
I wish sometimes I had the power to write the outcome of each day,
Nevertheless, nights like this I really wish raindrops would fall,
But it’s no point in wishing any longer because here chimes my alarm,
Saying it’s time to get up now and start this day,
And I thank you GOD for another day, before the return of Monday.

© 2015

“Enough Is Enough”

I walk into the office and check in at the desk,
Thinking, “this visit the doctor will find the remedy to cure my stress,”
The stress of wondering what’s really going on inside my body,
Yet hundreds of dollars later there’s  still no relief for this body,
So I walk into the examining room expecting to receive good care,
From this doctor I use to trust who now never takes his chair,
In fact my examining is conducted from my chair, never upon the examining table,
Which makes me feel unimportant and as if I’ve been stamped with a label,
So you take my money but don’t even give me fifteen minutes of your time,
Hell fifteen minutes is actually way beyond being patient and kind,
Because I’m not a statistic or a number written on a strip of paper,
And I’d be best to find another doctor very soon rather than later,
Because to prescribe medicine without testing is careless and ludicrous,
Therefore it’s time to leave while I’m still alive, really enough is enough,
It’s so sad because the journey as your patient started out so well,
But greed has entered your heart, you’ve sold yourself to the one in Hell,
But I on the otherhand belong to my FATHER, the Ultimate Healer,
And any wounds we have HE is without doubt the Perfect Sealer,
Scripture tells us the woman with the issue of blood spent all she had,
And she walked away time after time un-cured, defeated, and sad,
But then one day she “heard” that JESUS was passing by,
And she made up in her mind that she would give DR. JESUS a try,
She stepped out into the crowd in which she did not belong,
And she pressed her way thrusting forward knowing she was clearly in the wrong,
Yet she took the chance, “If only I could touch HIS garment,” she said,
He could make me whole bringing back to life this body that’s nearly dead,
She stretched and touched Jesus, and was instantly made whole,
Yes she turned to her SOURCE, and new life began to unfold,
Can’t nobody do for us like the way our FATHER can,
Oh, I’m sorry HEAVENLY FATHER that I’ve put so much trust in man!

ⓒ 2015

“I Don’t Know About Tomorrow”

I am so disappointed and so very ashamed,
And at myself is rightfully administered the blame,
I continue to do those things I should not do,
And at this rate I will surely continue to lose,
The battles I face each and every day in life,
And no matter what, Wrong will never-ever be Right!
So I need to stop with all of this mess and truly leave it behind,
Because GOD has given me more than enough warnings or signs,
“I have called you Woman of GOD, according to my purpose and plan,”
Are the words I must remember as if written upon my hands,
It’s time to shape up right now because tomorrow is not promised,
It’s time to turn away from the desires of this world that leads to bondage,
Repent children of GOD, for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand,
And turn from your wicked ways and receive HIM while you still can!
Get ready children of God for we’re going to be leaving Babylon soon,
Where Gentile and Jew alike will be rejoicing and singing the same tunes,
Around the throne of the Father in whom we will see face to face,
Therefore confess Jesus now I beseech thee, for tomorrow just may be too late.


“More Than Just One Day”

A ten piece nugget, french fries and a large vanilla shake,
Was my so called Valentine’s Day gift to myself,
Why McDonald’s of all places, someone may say?
Well, I wouldn’t do anything different today than any other day.
Love is not something to be shared on any particular day,
But when you love someone you desire to show them each and everyday.
You cherish each moment allotted to spend with one another,
And just when you see the one you love your heart begins to flutter.
You don’t need a holiday to dictate when to show someone love,
Just continue to make it known the other 364 days, that they’ll never doubt they’re loved!

ⓒ 2015

“No Greater Love”

Right is not Wrong and Wrong can never be right,
No matter how much you pretend and try to dress it up,
And darkness can never overcome the POWER of Light,
Unless the inside of a person has willfully become corrupt.

True love will never-ever falter or fail,
Because it’ll go the distance and through obstacles prevail,
Love comes with challenges, the seen and unforseen,
But real love is patient and kind, and never vicious or mean.

Death is real my friends, no one can escape this fate,
Yet it has no sting for those who will accept and meet HIM in grace,
There is no greater love than what our Father has given through Jesus Christ,

And because HE first loved me I desire to serve HIM all my life!

Free Will HE had, and chose willingly to bear our cross,
To reclaim each earthly human being that was bound with sin and lost,
It was Jesus who paid our debt, we were purchased at a price,
A price we could never repay so as restitution HE gave HIS life.

Thank you my Father and God for paying the debt I owed,
And from the fruit of my lips forever and ever, praise and worship shall flow!

ⓒ 2015

“The Night She Cannot Remember”

When she went to bed last night all things were neatly in place,
Once awakened to her surprise that was certainly not the case,
What went on last night? She struggled desperately to recall,
For the linens were scattered everywhere, could she have been in a brawl?
Her body felt battered and stiff as she twirled out of bed,

What in the world happened last night, were the thoughts inside her head?

But to no avail would her deepest thoughts help her mind to remember,
So she’s forced to be at peace within, about the night she cannot remember.

ⓒ 2015


I’m so tired yet too tired to fall asleep,
As I lie here sinking inside my pillow deep,
So much on my mind, my thoughts chime in my ears,
Yet so exhausted my words begin to appear then disappear,
Nothing makes sense, not even the words I swiftly type,
For delusion has entered aggressively, so I must move before it bites,
Go ahead and take your best shot,I’m too darn tired to fight,
As my words race rapidly across the page, near ready to take flight,
It’s interesting how thoughts don’t have to always make sense,
I mean,to try and decipher the thoughts of man can be complicated and tense,
Lying here sinking inside my pillow deep,
To drift any moment now into an unconscious style sleep.
Sleep now it’s okay, for the mind won’t stop to rest,
For it’s always strategically maneuvering like playing a game of chess,
I’m sure I’ll discover this post tomorrow at the scratching of my head,
And I’ll think within my conscious self “No posting while under the influence of not knowing what I’ve said!”

“Sinking” ⓒ 2015