“No Greater Love”

Right is not Wrong and Wrong can never be right,
No matter how much you pretend and try to dress it up,
And darkness can never overcome the POWER of Light,
Unless the inside of a person has willfully become corrupt.

True love will never-ever falter or fail,
Because it’ll go the distance and through obstacles prevail,
Love comes with challenges, the seen and unforseen,
But real love is patient and kind, and never vicious or mean.

Death is real my friends, no one can escape this fate,
Yet it has no sting for those who will accept and meet HIM in grace,
There is no greater love than what our Father has given through Jesus Christ,

And because HE first loved me I desire to serve HIM all my life!

Free Will HE had, and chose willingly to bear our cross,
To reclaim each earthly human being that was bound with sin and lost,
It was Jesus who paid our debt, we were purchased at a price,
A price we could never repay so as restitution HE gave HIS life.

Thank you my Father and God for paying the debt I owed,
And from the fruit of my lips forever and ever, praise and worship shall flow!

ⓒ 2015

“The Night She Cannot Remember”

When she went to bed last night all things were neatly in place,
Once awakened to her surprise that was certainly not the case,
What went on last night? She struggled desperately to recall,
For the linens were scattered everywhere, could she have been in a brawl?
Her body felt battered and stiff as she twirled out of bed,

What in the world happened last night, were the thoughts inside her head?

But to no avail would her deepest thoughts help her mind to remember,
So she’s forced to be at peace within, about the night she cannot remember.

ⓒ 2015


I’m so tired yet too tired to fall asleep,
As I lie here sinking inside my pillow deep,
So much on my mind, my thoughts chime in my ears,
Yet so exhausted my words begin to appear then disappear,
Nothing makes sense, not even the words I swiftly type,
For delusion has entered aggressively, so I must move before it bites,
Go ahead and take your best shot,I’m too darn tired to fight,
As my words race rapidly across the page, near ready to take flight,
It’s interesting how thoughts don’t have to always make sense,
I mean,to try and decipher the thoughts of man can be complicated and tense,
Lying here sinking inside my pillow deep,
To drift any moment now into an unconscious style sleep.
Sleep now it’s okay, for the mind won’t stop to rest,
For it’s always strategically maneuvering like playing a game of chess,
I’m sure I’ll discover this post tomorrow at the scratching of my head,
And I’ll think within my conscious self “No posting while under the influence of not knowing what I’ve said!”

“Sinking” ⓒ 2015

“Story Untold” ⓒ 2015

For some reason I dialed your number the other night,
And it flowed freely without struggle, hesitation or fight,
I haven’t dialed your number accidentally in quite some time,
Which makes me wonder what’s roaming inside my unconscious mind,
I truly miss you and miss the talks we shared,
I miss the words you often said that spoke of how you cared,
I miss the warmth of your big hugs I’d snuggle in whenever,
Without distance or limitation you’d let me stay there forever,
But no other human arms to behold me yet, has….
Even comes close to your embrace that once secured me in your grasp,
So many pieces to this puzzle of life I’ve yet to find,
And where I’ve searched has caused pain; so vicious and unkind,
So where do I go now and what must I do?
To stop lurking, longing after and looking for you?
You’re not just around the corner, for I’ve checked hundreds of times,
No, you’re way beyond the distance of my strained and teary eyes,
To have, To have, To have and to hold,
Is the words in our story left abandoned and untold!

“Thief In The Night”

Lately, anxiety has crept in again and again to torment me,
Without warrant or warning it’s flare presses hard against me,
A big ole bully you are to beat on me unexpectedly,
In fact a mere coward to sneak in and disrupt my inner faculties,
Just like a thief in the night you enter in to spoil my goods,
Then my heart beats rapid as if I were running all night in the woods,
Then comes dizziness, confusion, and shortness of breath,
Followed by sweat, patches of darkness and thoughts of death,
Oh how cruel you are to come in as you do,
And why you’ve entered my doors I haven’t the faintest clue,
But you’re not welcome here anymore, I’m putting you on notice,
I’ve posted the sign which says, “Anxiety is Out of Service!”
Go away, be gone, you’re never ever wanted here,
I must stand strong in the face of anxiety without wavering or fear,
I’m going to sleep in peace tonight without worry or doubt,
And shall sleep with a smile on my face knowing you’re banished, Yes, kicked out.
Good night, Sleep tight because ain’t no bedbugs biting tonight,
‘Cause as tired as I am right now, nothing would dare disrupt my sleep tonight!

“Sweet Relief”

No matter how much I try and try and try again to hide,
I just can’t seem to shake these feelings toiling aggressively inside,
My heart, my mind, and neither my flesh finds place to rest,
As this pain beats viciously against the walls of my chest,
Trapped I feel with no open door of escape,
Forced to face these feelings that’s invading my personal space,
With no place to go and nowhere to run,
Just like a hostage staring into the barrel of a gun,
I need to cry but too numb to let them flow,
I need to live, yet struggle to walk through and let go,
Lord help me to surrender and give it all to you,
It’s a brand NEW YEAR and I desire to walk it out with you,
Take my thoughts Lord and conform them to yours,
And take my heart and strip it way down to the core,
For without you there’s truly no joy or peace,
Please hold me in your arms Heavenly Father and grant me sweet relief!

“Happy Birthday”

Today’s your birthday, but I don’t think it matters in heaven,
In fact everyday probably feels like having a birthday celebration in heaven,
But to mere man walking earth it is a special day,
And I admit you not being here right now still hurts just as much today,
I want to hold your hand just to feel your touch,
I want to hear you tell me again, “Baby I love you so much!”
But how could you say it since you’re not here?
How could I feel your touch knowing you’re not even near?
Whenever I’d be sad or hurting you knew just how to hold me,
When the walls were about to crash down you were right there to rescue me,
You were my Romeo, Prince Charming and my Knight in Shining Armor in one,
You were also a Bad Boy, a Bad Ass, and as brutal as a Fugitive on the Run,
Yet I fell in love with the gentleman in you,
But grew to hate the brutal and abusive man within you too,
Is there really a thin line between love and hate?
It was truly the love part in me that always looked past the hate,
Not that any of it matters now, you’ve been gone 2 years,
Yet it still feel like yesterday that you were still right here!
We had a crazy relationship that was difficult to understand,
And no matter what obstacles stood in the way, you always held my hand,
Baby I want to hold your hand again so I can feel your touch,
I want to hear you say once again, “Baby I really love you so much!”
Happy Birthday Honey, not that it’s important in heaven,
In fact everyday probably feels like a birthday celebration in heaven!